Fees for School Assembly Programs

The fees for the presentations are $950 for a full day (3-5 presentations), or $650 for a half day (1-2 presentations).

A full day can be split between two schools at no additional charge.  Thus you could have 2 assemblies at your school in the morning and again at a different school in the afternoon.  Each school would pay one half of the full day fee ($475.00 each).  This will allow each school to have up to two assemblies.  The only caveats are that both schools must book the same program, and on the same day, of course.

Schools that are more than 75 miles from Forsyth, GA must book full days, or partner with a nearby school to make up a full day.  Schools that are more than 150 miles from Forsyth will be subject to additional Travel Fees. Mileage Fees are waived if you can partner with another school to book two Full Days of shows back-to-back.  (Click here to see Mileage chart.)  Fortunately, this is not very difficult, and we have painless methods of helping you recruit other schools to join in the tour.  There are even incentives if you are willing to be the organizer of the tour in your area.  Call us and we will talk! 

In addition, if you are somewhat flexible in your scheduling, we can help you save even more money. Ask about options when you call. We promise to make this the MOST Hassle Free Assembly Program you have EVER Booked!

Afterschool Programs are an additional $250. If only booking an after school program the price is $375.00. These events are a single performance given after school dismisses but before 6 pm.  Your choice of program may be limited by what program(s) were presented during the day. This option is also limited by where a performer will be during the day.

Evening Programs are a great way to promote book fairs, science night, reward programs, and a guaranteed way to increase parent involvement in the PTA/PTO. However, for maximum impact and effectiveness the program should be scheduled on the same day as a daytime program.  For schools more than a 90 minute drive from Atlanta, the evening program MUST be on the same day as a daytime program scheduled in your area.  Evening programs are $375.  The evening program will ALWAYS be different from the program that was presented at your school during the day unless you specifically request otherwise.  Ask about our Circus Science Nights and Circus Reading Nights discount.

Fees for Public Library Summer Reading Shows

Public Library Summer Reading shows are $325.00-375.00, with a second, back-to-back show for a discounted fee! And if your library is within 200 miles of Atlanta, you pay no mileage or additional charges.

(If you are outside the 200 mile circle, call me to let’s discuss how we can waive all mileage and expenses for you!)


To Book a Program for Your School or Library

First, read through the website and decide which program you want.  Keep in mind that all of our educationally significant programs promote reading and library use, and get the kids so excited about reading that they can’t wait to get to the library to check out the books we discuss.

Next, you need to decide how many assemblies you will need to get all the students in to see the program.  Depending on how the set up at the school is, we can break the students into groups as large as 175 kids if they are sitting on the same level as the presenter (like a gym floor). Any more than this and the kids in the back feel that they can’t see and it is a constant battle to keep them seated. No one gets as much out of the program in these situations. If a different performance area can be provided (such as a stage for the performer, OR risers or tiered seating like bleachers for the kids) then Lew-E can handle as many as 500 students at a time.

Now, decide on a date.  Check our online calendar to see when we have open dates, or when we may already be in your area.  We try to update the schedule every few days, but we can’t guarantee the accuracy of the calendar at ay given moment.

At this point, e-mail or call us at (678) 315-4329 with your show choice, date, and number of assemblies needed, and we will get things rolling.  If we are not able to answer the phone, leave a message and you will hear from us within 24 hours.

After we book the assemblies (and any other schools in your area) we will email out a packet of information that includes a confirmation letter, invoice, promotional materials, and a sheet outlining how you can get the most from our visit.  What you will NOT get are surprises, difficult riders, or lengthy contracts with silly demands.

For years, it has been my goal to be the EASIEST School Assembly Program you will ever book! Check out some of the testimonials on the website to see what other schools and libraries have had to say about the programs we offer and you’ll understand why so many schools invite me back, time after time.

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